New Moon Oct 12th - Setting an Intention towards your Dreams!

Posted: Oct 08 2015

Our next New Moon is coming up on October 12th so get ready to reflect and reinforce your path to your dreams. On the date of a New Moon, the moon is invisible to the human eye because it rises with the sun, crosses the sky with the sun, and sets with the sun. This means that when the moon is new, the sun and moon are in the same Zodiac sign. With the sun and moon moving in tandem, this is a time of concentrated energy; in other words, the perfect time to set intentions. Astrology expert Molly Hall says,

New Moons are a blank page on which to speak your dreams out loud.” 

In the days leading up to any Full or New Moon, it’s important to prepare by reflecting. Journaling can be particularly beneficial. And especially as a New Moon approaches, you’ll want to become clear about what you desire to manifest in your life. Your intention can be specific, like finding a new job, or more general, such as cultivating gratitude.


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Tips for setting a New Moon intention:

  • Take time out

Designate a specific time for yourself, whether it’s five minutes or an hour. You can brew a cup of tea, sit down, take a few breaths, and maybe even meditate. 

  • Make a sacred space

This can be as elaborate as an altar, or as simple as a candle, a crystal, or a stick of incense. The important thing is to designate a specific space, and make it uniquely special to you.

  • Journal

There is something therapeutic and meditative about writing by hand in our digital age. Take the time to write down what you’re feeling and thinking. And since you probably can’t write by hand as fast as you can type, you’ll be forced to slow down, which is a good thing. Your intention may not be immediately clear, and that is ok. There is no rush. Just be honest, and let it come to you.

  • Reflect

After you set your intention, spend the next few days leading up to the full moon reflecting upon it. You can write it down again, hang it up as a reminder, or meditate upon it. And when the new moon finally arrives, harness that fresh new energy and say your intention out loud to the universe. Don’t forget to say thank you for all past blessings as well!

New Moons for the rest of 2015 are as follows:

  1. October 12
  2. November 11
  3. December 11 



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