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Creative Process: A look into the hand printed process of our Fall Collection Snake Print

Momi Chee

Posted on October 21 2015

At Lily Lotus our passion is the creative process. Some things that look so simple actually take a lot of work and planning to make happen. Our Fall Collection Snake Print series is the perfect example to share with you the creativity and work that goes into producing our products. 

While many garments are cut and sewn from pre-printed fabric yardage, this special collection is cut, sewn and dyed first then printed individually. This is to be sure that the print falls specifically where we want it to go on the garment. Oversized screens are made with our artwork. Each garment has to be printed ONE by ONE on both sides. It takes 2 people to pull the ink with even pressure one these oversized screens. This is not as easy as it looks!  Everything is done by hand in our LA factory. It is a very time consuming process. 


As you see, the ink goes on clear. We don't just print a colored ink on the surface of the fabric. That would leave a texture of ink on the surface. For highest quality and fabric softness, we print a discharge ink that actually discharges the color out of the fabric itself leaving no surface texture. After curing the ink reveals our print! Voila! 


 It takes a lot to make each garment but we love what we do and how we do it. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into our creative process!


Designer, Owner & Chief Executive Optimist


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