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ūüé® Creative Process: Making of our Groove Washes

Momi Chee

Posted on March 04 2020

We love playing with color and tie dying is one of our favorite creative processes.
It is one of the perks of working with natural fibers rather than synthetics. Natural fibers like our organic cotton absorb and retain our waterbased dyes and soy softeners to create freeform specialty washes in vibrant colors.

The initial process of creating a tie dye starts with color selection, experimenting with placements and patterns, blending and then initial sampling. This is a lengthy progression in itself. However, for this post we are just going to share a quick peak at the final production process of our Groove Washes from our latest Good Vibes collection. 

Our Groove Wash starts by dying our organic cotton garments solid black and solid indigo. Then we scrunch up the garments one by one and apply a solution to remove the dye in a freeform crystalized pattern.


Then, the fun part, we go back into the bleached parts with add our groovy colors!
Here is a little video of how it is done:

Considering we dye hundreds of garments at a time, it is a long process of many steps done ENTIRELY by HAND! Each garment is therefore unique and the pattern is always a little different! How cool is that?!?

Since each garment is unique and individual, they they all have to be checked and inspected to make sure the color distribution is mostly even and balanced. Sometimes, they are a little too "unique" due to uneven distribution, color placement, etc. So here is a quick video of Kia and I running QC on the Groove Wash production. 

After inspection, our tie dye babies all head off to finishing to get tagged, steamed, folded and ready for shipment to our customers!! We love sending these little rainbows of color out into the world.

Voila! The finished product modeled by our lovely gal, Andrea.

I hope you enjoyed this peak into the process of the Groove Wash.
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