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Happy Earth Day 2018!

Momi Chee

Posted on April 21 2018

Every day is Earth Day for us at Lily Lotus!

We are on a mission to offer quality organic clothing to the conscious
consumer. Choosing organic is important for our Earth and our bodies.

Organic cotton and natural fibers keep our bodies and Earth free from chemicals and pesticides. Our skin is our biggest organ, why cover it in plastic fibers? Plant based fibers are also biodegrade and do not clog landfills with synthetic waste or emit chemicals.
While we all want our leggings to stretch and last,
do we really want them to last 100 years in landfill? 
Be organic inside and out!

read more about our sustainable practices here.

lily lotus organic

We are lucky to live and be based in Hawaii, where healthful living is a way of life.
Our little town of Kaimuki is full of local businesses that support organic and sustainable practices. Here are just a few of our staff favorites! 


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