Spring Spiral Wash - inspiration, symbolism + creative process

Posted: May 11 2017

Inspiration through color is at the heart of Lily Lotus seasonal washes.
Each collection is an expression of a seasonal theme.
We pick colors and run sample after sample to get just the right shades and hues.

Then we develop different ties and washes to reflect how we interpret the vibe.
This Spring we offer a spiral wash pattern in a vibrant but soft palette of papaya, pinks and beige. These fresh colors communicate youth and vibrance while the spiral pattern mimics the pattern of the Nautilus shell.

The Spiral pattern is ever present in nature and symbolizes evolution, growth and the feminine energy. The perfect pattern for the first season of a new year.

Did you know that all of our tie dyes are done by hand in the USA?
Each piece of our organic clothing is individually tied and dyed with care
by our artisans using low impact dyes and soy softners in a solar powered facility.
We undertake a long process of color testing, tying, dying, washing
and finishing to bring you each quality unique piece.

Here is a peak at the Spring spiral wash process....

And the finished product!


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