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Silk Wrap Bracelet - Jade Ombre

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Wrap yourself in positivity!

This hand painted Silk Lotus Wrap is adorned with our sterling silver signature lotus logo charm, a symbol of infinite possibilities and enlightenment to accompany you throughout your day.

These beautiful silk wraps are approximately 37 inches long and can be worn comfortably as a bracelet or as a necklace. Soft and luxurious they are perfect accessories for your yoga practice or every day life. 

They make a perfect gift for fellow yogis and friends!

Our silk wraps bracelets are hand painted in small batches using the finest non-toxic dyes and steam set to ensure long lasting enjoyment. Steam set dyes have more vibrant colors and will not fade over time. The colors blend seamlessly with no harsh lines or dye spots. Please note that the natural dyeing process of silk ribbon may vary slightly in color.

37" long x 5/8" wide
100% heavyweight crinkle silk
Sterling silver lotus charm
Ends sewn to a point

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