Sustainable Practices

Sustainable FashionWe are committed to contributing beauty and comfort to the world while maintaining the integrity of our business practices.


All of our products are proudly sewn, dyed and embellished entirely in the USA using eco-friendly materials. Producing in the USA keeps our carbon footprint small and allows us to maintain a high standard of the working environment for our production teams. We produce to order in small volume, high quality runs to reduce the waste of overproduction.

We are also proud to be partnered with a dye house that shares our sustainable ethics and utilizes solar energy to power its facility. Our signature tie dye washes are achieved using low impact dyes and soy based softeners.

Our wholesale department reuses cardboard boxes whenever possible for shipping distribution. Wholesale volume orders are bulk packaged rather than in individual polybags to reduce plastic usage.

Read more about our eco-friendly fabrics here.


Usable product seconds and extra yardage pieces from our productions are donated to a local sewing program for children. Read about Me+U Hawaii here. All other production materials and un-recyclable packaging items are donated to the Art Explorium.


Every little bit helps so we make the green choice in every way we can around our office. We recycle everything possible. We are free of disposable plastics and bring our own cups to the coffee shop across the street. We use a local water delivery service to hydrate our team while eliminating plastic water bottle usage. We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and essential oils that are water way and earth safe. Our boutiques offer bag credits to encourage customers to reuse their own shopping bags and reduce packaging consumption.