Feng Shui for Love & Money - Workshop w/ Clear Englebert - August 30th, 2015

This Event Has Ended

Feng Shui for Love & Money a Workshop + Book Signing
Led by bestselling author Clear Englebert

 Lily Lotus Kaimuki @ 3632 Waialae Avenue
August 30th ~ 12-2pm

This class explains how to use and enhance the two powerful back corners of a space, the Relationship Corner in the far right, and the Wealth Corner in the far left. It will also explain various other aspects of feng shui concerned with harmony and prosperity. You will have the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of his newly published book at the workshop.

Please bring your own chair and notepad + clipboard or hard cover notepad to take notes. We will have a few extra chairs on site, but not enough to accommodate everyone so help us out in bringing your own stool or foldable chair.

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Limited seating. Reserve your space today!

Newly released just this month, this feng shui guide offers easy-to-follow advice for promoting prosperity and attracting and enhancing relationships. Real life examples and simple illustrations throughout the book aid in visualizing potential feng shui problem situations and understanding how to place objects for maximum effect. Englebert specializes in offering multiple solutions that are easy to implement and can complement any decor style; many clever fixes are even meant to be hidden from view, but still retain their impact. Intention is a powerful tool for strengthening feng shui corrections; to state your intention, you must know why you are employing a fix, and Englebert is careful to explain the rationale behind each suggestion.

Clear Englebert has taught feng shui in Hawai‘i and California and consults on homes, gardens and commercial spaces throughout the Islands. He has been featured on television and in a variety of print media and has published three previous feng shui titles for a national audience, Feng Shui DemystifiedBedroom Feng Shui and Feng Shui for Retail Stores. He has also written Feng Shui for Hawai‘i and Feng Shui for Hawai‘i Gardens, with special attention paid to the particular feng shui problems found in Island homes and solutions geared toward Hawai‘i-style homes and décor. Visit the author's website: http://fungshway.com/


"I highly recommend this book as a life-changing guide to energy placement in your living and work spaces. I’ve personally worked with Clear Englebert to feng shui my home, and the results were immediately positive. I trust his recommendations, and hope that you will put them into practice."
-Doreen Virtue, Assertiveness for Earth Angels

"This book is a direct and easy guide to maximize two central human concerns: love and money. Essential feng shui concepts are explained clearly so you know how to evaluate, fix and positively energize your home. Clear shows you exactly what you need to avoid, and what to do to improve your love life and prosperity."
    -Johndennis GovertFeng Shui: Art and Harmony of Place

This indispensable book is full of wonderful feng shui advice for two of the most important themes in our lives, love and money."
-Sarah Bartlett, The Five Keys of Feng Shui and Feng Shui for Lovers